Sunday 23 October 2011

My BMU 11 highlights: Part three - Rebecca Jones

I am so thrilled that Rebecca Jones came to speak at BMU 11 and I know you all really enjoyed it too!

I have reflected quite a lot on what Rebecca said since the conference. I can really identify with a lot of those 'manic mum' moments and I was actually cringing during her speech as I know I am guilty of lots of those things.

I can guarantee that my phone will ring at one of three times during the day:

  • Between 9am and 9.15am when I am still on the morning school run
  • Between 11.30am and 12 noon when I am collecting my son from pre-school and getting his lunch
  • Between 3pm and 3.30pm when I am collecting my daughter from school
I am guilty of trying to juggle everything and ending up trying to take a call whilst carrying numerous school bags and holding onto two children - it doesn't work and I hate myself in those moments.

I learnt a great deal from Rebecca the other day and I can't wait to read her book (hoping I can find the time). Most of all what stuck with me was when she said "do less but do less really well" - I can't promise I will do less but I can promise that I will try, and I do feel as if the time is right to reflect a little.

I know why I have been trying to be the Superwomen that Rebecca talked about ... because being busy and not having time to stop, to think, to reflect has been a huge part of how I have overcome recent difficult times, but now things have settled down maybe it is time to take Rebecca's advice?

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