Sunday 30 October 2011


Since the conference a number of people have asked me for Chris' contact details so I thought I would just post some information here.

You should have all had a flyer in your goodie bag ... which also had a discount code on. If you didn't and would like one just let me know.

Chris developed the websites for both and

About ISSSLtd:

ISSS was born out of a desire to create a service for clients that offered first class technical skill and custom development whilst maintaining the ability to also provide that personal touch.

At ISSS we pride ourselves on the innovation and skill of our team combined with the passion to create pioneering systems which serve the needs of our diverse clients.
We are adaptable and resourceful and have a wealth of experience in our field.
In addition to being able to create highly specific custom solutions for our clients we also offer off the shelf products that are very easy to install and use. We aim to use terminology that everyone understands instead of making your mind boggle with technical jargon.

What makes us different?

In a time when there are hundreds of companies offering similar products and services to ours, you are probably asking yourself what makes us stand out from the crowd?
We believe the following make us unique in what we can offer you:
  • All of our products are developed and maintained in house - the majority of companies are offering customisations of third party software. This means that they are able to customise the look and feel to a certain degree but they have no control over the underlying products that they are using.
  • Our products can be tailored to YOUR needs as opposed to your needs being tailored to what some existing product can do. This means you do not have to compromise what you want to achieve for your business, we can mould our products to meet your specific needs.
  • We can provide end to end services from the design right through to the implementation and hosting of your website.
  • Easy to use - our products have been developed in collaboration with our clients to ensure that they are as easy to use as possible. A lot of products are developed in isolation by the software developers so the end product may not be that usable to the end users.
  • The personal touch; when you communicate with us, you get to talk directly to the people that design, develop and test the software. This means you can get answers fast as there is no being passed from one department to another. It also ensures that there is a firm understanding on both sides of what is required; greatly reducing the chances of any misunderstanding.
  • We have years of large enterprise (FTSE 100 companies) software design and development experience. With the pressure on budgets, there is a tendency for companies to employ relatively inexperienced people to develop their software. This can often lead to a lack of understanding about the technical challenges of creating and maintaining large scale performant real world systems.
  • We are perfectionists - we are not happy unless you are happy. 

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