Sunday 11 September 2011

The Red Shoe Business Woman Rebecca Jones will be speaking at the conference this year

Rebecca Jones is a mentor to women in business, author of business start up book “Business in Red Shoes” and a professional speaker for women’s conferences and events. Her business journey started at the age of 19 having been told at school she wasn’t likely to ever be much.  Bringing up a young family and dyslexia didn’t stop Rebecca from returning to education and gaining both teaching qualifications and a master’s degree while still running her own company.  She is now passionate in her desire to support other women to be what they want to be in life. 
Regularly working side by side with women as a trainer, coach, mentor and consultant to business owners, Rebecca has developed a deep insight into the life of business women.   Rebecca regularly speaks to women about developing a business which suits them, their life and their needs and supports women to be successful in business whilst still having a life of their own.
At Business Mums Unite Conference and Exhibition this year Rebecca will be speaking to the whole conference - below is the outline of what she will be speaking about:
We could all be superwoman if only the hot pants fitted:

For many women they seem to feel that unless they are taking on the world in a flurry of tasks then they are not achieving.  It really is possible to achieve your goals without having to become superwoman.   Rebecca takes a humorous look at how we women try to do it all in order to have it all yet but really just want you all to leave us alone just for five minutes.  Suited to busy women executives, women business owners and women who juggle work and family.  The audience will have chance to consider their own life, think about what really is important and have top tips to take away to start managing life more realistically.

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