Tuesday 13 September 2011

Rececca Jones: Business In Red Shoes

Business in Red Shoes    
The successful woman’s guide to business start-up and beyond

Now is the right time for you to live your dream of business ownership.  I know this because right now is always the best time.  Putting off your vision for business ownership will not make you happy.  But being a business owner can.   You can have the business life, home life and future you want.  It just needs planning and consideration, vision and determination.

Business in red shoes will enable you to plan start and grow a business which suits you, your needs and your life.  Taking you on one of the most exciting journeys ever, into the world of entrepreneurship.  You will see how your business can be built to work for you.  Drawing on the experiences of other women who have travelled the same journey you will see how to avoid the mistakes and ensure your business is as successful as you want it to be.

Business in red shoes provides you with the opportunities to consider your own plans through activities and top tips.  Rebecca Jones is a business coach for women, with passion and drive for success amongst the women she supports.  Her own experience of business start-up and ownership while her own children were young enables her to really understand your needs.  Her aim is to develop potential and current business women to be successful and content, both in business and life and for them to have a business and life they can be proud of.

“The most important things to me are assisting other women in reaching their potential and feeling they have achieved something positive in their lives”.  Rebecca Jones
What others have said about Business in Red Shoes:

I’m finding your book so useful for me and my new business – I wish I had read it years ago, at a time when I knew that I wanted my own business, but got myself in a tizz not knowing quite the right path for me. I’m now doing something I love so much and which suits my skills and personality, but I certainly didn’t take the quickest route to get here! Just reading the first part of your book could have saved me lots of time and confusion. Kathy De Mattia, PR Consultant @ Guru Street

This is an inspirational and positive book:” Together we are going to take your dream and turn it into reality now” . In this A5 size book ,that can be carried in a handbag ,Rebecca Jones does just that. Each practical and “you can do it chapter”, written in plain English ,ends with a useful one page review for reference.
Sue Moules, author and poet

I’ve been musing about writing a book since I began working with Motivating Mum but have had to put my ideas on hold while I get to grips with the business first. Looking at Business in Red Shoes, this is the book I would like to have written, well laid out, with a friendly and engaging style, and including all the tips that I might have given to mums starting out in business, with many more of Rebecca’s own. I hope this book does well – it certainly deserves to. The book is available in paperback or on Kindle.
Debbie O’Connor, Motivating Mum UK

I love this book as it strips setting up a business back to basics, giving you a chance to ensure that you are making the right decision before you jump in feet first. Rebecca also shares the stories of some of the clients, the mistakes they have made and their successes too. This is a must-read if you are considering making the plunge.
Karen Williams, coach and author of The Secrets of Successful coaching

http://networkshe.pages.me.uk/ – full review in the magazine

At this year's conference and exhibition you will be able to:
  • Meet Rebecca
  • Listen to an inspirational talk
  • Purchase a copy of her book
  • Win a signed copy in our raffle

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