Monday 24 September 2012

BMU Business Referral Network: Turning Referrals Into Business

What is the BMU business referral network?
The idea behind this network came from being invited myself to a number of business referral networks over the last few years since I started my business.

These tended to be either business breakfast type events (when we are all getting the children ready for school, nursery or just getting the whole house up, dressed and breakfasted) OR in the evening sometime between 6 and 8pm (when we are all getting everyone fed, bathed, homework sorted and into bed) – far from ideal!

I couldn’t help feeling that all of us business mums were missing out somehow on valuable business referrals.

There are a number of wonderfully supportive groups online and especially via particular Facebook groups at the moment who do a great job of supporting each other and highlighting each others’ services – the next stage  is however … to turn these into business referrals and actual business!

The idea with this referral network is that business mums pay a small initial administration fee to be registered with the network under a specific category and area, followed by a £10 annual fee to remain on the register. This may differ across industries as some people are not restricted by geography in their business.  For example an accountant may be able to work remotely and therefore apply to be the only accountant listed on the network, where as we may have several catering companies listed by geographic area.

The KEY to this is just as the business for breakfast meetings only have one person offering each type of service, so does the network.

Anyone who registers with the network agrees to refer work to the other approved mums who are registered with us. We will ask that to keep people boosted you post on the Facebook page when you make or receive a referral, just to keep everyone boosted. In addition to this all those registered will also be promoted more broadly to those outside the network as our ‘approved and recommended list of providers’. Furthermore, in addition to having all your details on the website, each month one provider will be showcased.

How can I get involved?
If you are still interested all we ask at this stage is that you complete the following questions and email your response to

1.      What is your category/type of business?
2.      What geographical areas do you cover?
3.      How much would you pay for the initial registration? £10, £15, £18 or £20
4.      What is your email address?

Many thanks x

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