Tuesday 9 August 2011

The Mother Factor are advertising at Business Mums Unite - are you?

The Mother Factor is here to support mums and mums to be through the numerous experiences being a mother brings into our lives.

 Having a child brings so many new emotions into a mother’s life and we all handle them differently. Our mind goes through changes as well as our body and although there is a lot of advice about what we should be eating and what we need to buy we also need to stay aware of how we are feeling internally. Why? Because just how what we eat affects our child so does how we feel.
What makes us different to any other coaching company is that we understand that a mother is not just a mum; they are a wife, a daughter and a boss or a business woman. We enhance the positive qualities a client already has and assist with comfortably incorporating them into all aspects of their life.
How we do this is through offering one to one coaching sessions, workshops and courses to empower mums in Personal Development and in Business to break through any barriers that prevent them from integrating their ‘mother’ identity into their life goals and dreams.
So what if you were to use The Mother Factor?
·        Increased confidence
·        Let go Anxiety and other negative emotions
·        Eliminate emotional baggage
·        Break down barriers that hold you back
·        Create a compelling future

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