Tuesday 21 June 2011

Jacques Designs have booked an exhibition stand ... have you?

Jacques Designs was born in 2011.  After many years of dreaming of owning my own creative business together with struggling to find a gift after the birth of my daughter Olivia in 2007, for my sister and my brother ( a new auntie and a new uncle),  I decided I could and would make my own gifts.    My son, Harrison, then came along in 2010 and I finally had the opportunity to be a stay at home mum.  This enabled me to spend any spare time I had on designing and making my gifts.  I love the handmade look and wanted to steer clear of the perfect, precision, machine “handmade” items that have become popular in many shops.  I really wanted my pieces to show that they have been lovingly created, with a lot of sweat & tears and that no two items would be exactly the same.  Everybody will own a unique handcrafted piece.  There are no machines or mass produced items, it literally is just me, mum of two, from the cutting of the wood (and a few fingers!) to the final coat of wax or varnish.
This is just the beginning for Jacques Designs, I have a lot of ideas but only the two hands, so watch this space! 
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